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You own some of the most beautiful natural stone floors. Travertine floors will make your property look smart and chic and they will last for generations if properly installed and maintained. As you can expect, all good things come at a price. Cleaning and sealing travertine floors is not a very cheap operation but what is the point in having beautiful expensive floors that exist only to be covered in lime and dirt and not appreciated for their undeniable beauty?

Here is what we will do with your floors:

We will assess the type of dirt on your travertine floor and then we will advise on the next step. The usual type of dirt on travertine flooring is lime build up or grease (from the shoes). Our specialists will get rid of all the dirt build up in no time and after cleaning the grout we will start the final operation, polishing.


Chemical sealing :

Most of the travertine floor sealants are available in a satin finish. Not too shiny, not too matte. A happy medium. After the floor is dry we will apply 2 coats of sealant. There will be a 2 hour gap between each application. Our sealant does not require buffing. The sealant will protect the floor from absorbing general dirt, spillages etc. and it will also give the floor a shiny, wet look. It should last up to 24 months in a normal family home but in houses with lower traffic it can last much longer. Our sealants are specially designed for travertine floors and will not cheapen the look of the floors. This type of cleaning and sealing can only be done on lower grade travertine flooring where the pores are open as the floor can absorb the sealant. The higher grade travertine flooring can also be sealed but because is so compact and hard the sealant cannot attach very well and it will not last very long.


Diamond Pad Polishing:

More or less the same process as above up to the polishing stage. Instead of using a chemical we will use a high speed buffer to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. We will polish the floor with diamond pads and very high speed buffers and after a few hours the stone will start to reveal its natural shine. It will look like a mirror. This process is very labour intensive and can take hours, in some cases days. It all depends on how hard the stone is. Keeping your floors nice and shiny is up to yourself and regular buffing will be required for the lifetime of the floor. Travertine flooring requires a lot of work to stay beautiful and a lot of care in maintain it.

Do not expect to have a mirror like floor in a few minutes or at very little cost. The cleaning process requires a lot of expensive tools, time and expert knowledge. Dublin Travertine Floor Cleaning has this so why call anyone else.

Dublin Travertine Floor Cleaning will do the following things:

-we will provide quotations in writing – usually by email

-we will provide insurance – up to 12 million of damages

-we will explain in plain english the whole process

-we will help with the furniture moving

-we will find ways of cutting costs and free advice will be provided. Some floors cannot be done and we will tell you that

-we will never pre-charge – the payment has to be done after the job was completed

-we will always issue invoices

Most of our customers are from the domestic market and most of our customers are repeat customers. Our only aim is to provide a great service at affordable costs. There is no point doing a job if there is no profit for us but there is also no point pricing a job so much that the customer cant afford it. We have found a middle way and in fact we contract 70% of the jobs that we price. We want a win – win situation.


Travertine floor cleaning & sealing:

Time is money so the more time we spend cleaning a floor the more it will add to the bill.  A standard kitchen 25 square meter or 250 sq feet can cost 100€ or 300€ to clean. If the customer was washing the floor regularly and there is no major dirt build up then we can have the job done in one go. If we need to do 2-3 visits then it will double the cost.

Sealing – bear in mind 1 litre of travertine sealant costs 75€ and for a standard kitchen we will need 2 litres. So only the sealant can cost 150€. Some floors will require 3 coats to get the wet look so the price will be higher.

25 square meter of floor – cleaning only – 100€ – 300€

25 square meter of floor – cleaning & sealing – 350€ – 500€

25 square meter of floor – cleaning & diamond polishing – 400€ – 600€


*** this prices are informative only – it can cost more or less***

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