Travertine Floor Cleaning

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61 Eglinton Road , Donnybrook , Dublin 4 – the area around the kitchen was badly stained and the tiles had lost their natural shine. We removed all scratches using diamond pads – from rough grade to soft grade. After 5 hours of buffing the floor looked like a mirror. Travertine floor cleaning Donnybrook

Bewleys Hotel  Leopardstown , Dublin 18 – clean and polish 50 square meter of travertine in the breakfast area. The floor was scrached and marked after years and years of usage. Our company has removed all scratches and markings using special diamond pads. The floor was left in like new condition with more work to come. Travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing.

Redford , Greystones, Co Wicklow – 40 sq meter of travertine flooring. The floor was in good condition but it looked a bit dull in the areas with high traffic around the kitchen and garden door. We deep cleaned the floor using special floor scrubbers and we buffed the floor using high speed diamond pads. The floor looked amazing and the client was extremely happy. Travertine floor cleaning

Bewleys Hotel Leopardstown , Dublin 18 – 30 sq meter of travertine floor cleaning & travertine floor polishing. Our company was selected to restore old & stained travertine tile floors. Using special diamond floor pads we have removed 90% of the scratches and we have restore the natural stone shine. The job was done over night and the customer was very impress. Travertine floor cleaning.

10a Esker Cottages , Lucan , Co Dublin – 50 sq meter of travertine floor cleaning & travertine floor polishing. Our company was nominated to remove all the scratches from this floor and make the stone look natural. Using our top of the range floor pads and special high speed buffers we did remove all the scratches and the natural look was restored. The job took just over 6 hours.Very happy customer. Travertine floor cleaning lucan.



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